Course Advice

Course Advice

We are eager to assist you in learning more about study opportunities in Australia. 

Australia is a country with world-class universities. There are many great schools from which to choose if you decide to attend one of them. It can be hard to make a decision regarding where you will attend college. As specialists in international student admissions to Australia, we can help you find a program that's right for you and make sure your application will be successful.


How does it work?

When you initially meet with our team, we'll focus on discussing with:

  • Your educational background and talents, breaks, time period and budget, as well as future goals and career goals, may all play a role in your choice of an acceptable course.
  • Courses best suited to your needs.
  • The processes of the application.
  • Choose the appropriate visa depending on whether your requirements are likely to be met. 

    Submitting your study applications

    ACEM can work on your behalf to submit your internship applications and school admission applications after which we’ll put together a well-rounded application that includes all the documentation that the school requests. We can then submit your applications to the institution of your choosing. You may meet representatives from your educational institution, or you may inquire about the course structure and other graduate outcomes in our seminar series.


    Response from the study provider

    Within 2 to 6 weeks, a school or university will notify you of any potential acceptance. If you are offered a seat in a classroom, you will receive an admission letter. The school or university can connect with you or a representative regarding eligibility requirements for the educational program, and such a letter can be printed during our meeting or at a number of ACEM's events.


    Acceptance and Payment

    You can accept the offer immediately if there aren't any conditions listed. Examples of conditions that could be specified in the offer letter include providing a new place to take your IELTS exam, providing a transcript from the semester just ended, or providing notarized official documents. If you pay the deposit directly to a university, the ACEM office will assist with your financial aid application. Your adviser will help you with this to simplify the process.

    Ready to-go?

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