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What is the skill assessment process for Engineers to get PR in Australia?

Engineer Skills Assessment

Engineers who want to migrate to Australia are required to go through a skills assessment with Engineers Australia before placing a visa application. If you want to apply for a permanent residency visa, you are required to have a skill assessment. For engineers, the skill assessing authority is Engineers Australia (EA). EA has different skills assessment pathways depending on your qualification.


What is Engineering Australia Skills Assessment?

Engineering Australia’s skills assessment means that the authorized staff of Engineering Australia will assess and authenticate that your qualification, work experience, and duties that you want to claim as an Engineering professional for immigration purposes are according to the standards set by the Australian Government for the related nominated occupations.

The application’s outcome will specify whether your credentials match the criteria set for the Engineering professional industry.


Why Engineering Australia Skills Assessment is required?

  • It is a requirement that must be satisfied prior to applying for a Skilled Visa.
  • It authenticates that you are genuine engineering professional with the required skills.
  • Your Engineering Australia approval letter will convoy your Visa application to the Department of home affairs.
  •  It may give you extra points built on the number of years of work experience in your profession.

ACEM highly recommends claiming maximum points against your post qualification work experience.



The Engineering Skill Assessment Pathways

There are two pathways for the engineer skills assessment, these being:

Accredited Qualification – This requires proof of the professional qualification and include an academic transcript of the degree qualification.

·         An Australian engineering qualification, or

·         An overseas engineering qualification that is recognized through a formal agreement with engineering accreditation bodies in other countries.


For overseas qualifications there are two pathways:

·         The Washington Accord, which deals with undergraduate professional engineering programs. To be eligible, the qualification must be recognized by the representative body of the signatory country and the qualification must be equivalent to an Australian 4-year Bachelor degree.

·         The Sydney Accord, which deals with engineering technologist programs. The minimum academic requirements to be eligible for the Sydney Accord pathway is a qualification that is equivalent to an Australian 3 years Bachelor of Technology degree in engineering.


Non-recognized Qualification – this requires the submission of a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). This detailed report must include qualifications attained, the application of engineering experience and knowledge, and how competency standards of the relevant engineering classification in Australia have been met.


As the purpose of an Australian skills assessment is to identify the migrant’s skills and assess them against the Australian standard it is really important for the engineers who intend to immigrate to Australia must go through the engineering skills assessment.


ACEM is here to assist if you wish to live and work in Australia as a skilled immigrant and need professional advice. With ample experience in the field of education and migration consulting, we offer complete solutions to the candidates and support them during the entire procedure.

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